Service Dogs Can Save Lives

With 22 veteran suicides everyday..Every service dog placed is a life we save

servicedogssavelivesAt The Battle Buddy Foundation, we aim to take the initiative every day possible throughout 2014 to further the support for our Nation’s Wounded Veterans, and increase our available services. For The Battle Buddy Foundation, our focus is on the veterans who have served our country, and have come home still fighting a war, with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other invisible wounds.
TBBF has currently placed 3 ‘battle buddy’ service dogs with disabled veterans, one puppy arrived this past weekend, and we have another 7 dogs of various breeds preparing to begin their training and placement with their veterans in the next couple months!! TBBF will continue our work to serve our nation’s heroes, and with your support, we will continue our work to expand our resources to provide service dogs for veterans, and continue to support our veterans by providing the necessary resources to assist with the reintegration back into the civilian world.
Join us at The Battle Buddy Foundation as we work to place a ‘battle buddy’ service dog with the veterans who need them!!!

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