Parking; Through the Eyes of a Veteran

parking a car through the eyes of a veteran is seen as a war field

parkingthroughtheeyesVeterans of combat can experience traumatic events while driving in a combat environment due to explosive devices, ambushes at choke points, hidden threats and other instances due to the nature of current warfare. Service members very often undergo “battlemind” training which involves learning aggressive driving practices and defensive driving techniques. “Battlemind” training can involve driving too fast, often aggressively and unpredictably, making fast lane changes. Also, driving down the center of the road to avoid potential explosive devices buried along the sides of the road, and maintaining a high level of vigilance, noticing minor discrepancies and vehicles that follow too close, or for too long. These skills may be needed in a war zone, but can be dangerous in the home environment.

Finding ways of bringing down the tension levels and stressors while operating a vehicle is critical to mitigating these symptoms.
There are also multiple therapy programs aimed at retraining returning veterans who struggle with driving after returning from combat. Ptsd may not be able to be cured, but what we can do is address the issues that are underlying it to allow those symptoms to be manageable.

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