Marc and Gretchen

Marc and Gretchen battle buddy team

marcandgretchencombopicWe had posted a picture of Gretchen on our Facebook page, who needed to find a new home in Alabama……A Search & Rescue K9 handler was asked to evaluate her, but she is not what he needed in a SAR K9, so he contacted us, asking for assistance in helping to find a veteran’s home for her. We had many inquires.
Gretchen found a loving home with a Marine Combat Veteran, Marc, who had this to say about Gretchen:
“Gretchen came home with me yesterday, and that first night I noticed a world of a difference. My anxiety was way down, I wasn’t “on edge” as much as I usually am. I slept pretty good too. ” “Thanks again, the work you guys are doing to help veterans out is just amazing. Keep it up!”

The Battle Buddy Foundation’s mission is serving veterans, and helping them to find a better way of healing — and we are grateful to play even a small role in that process.


TBBF has currently placed 3 ‘battle buddy’ service dogs with disabled veterans, with one more puppy entering the program THIS WEEKEND, and we have another 6 dogs preparing to begin their training and placement with their veterans in the next couple months!! TBBF will continue our work to serve our nation’s heroes, and with your support, we will continue our work to expand our resources to provide service dogs for veterans, and continue to support our veterans by providing the necessary resources to assist with the reintegration back into the civilian world.
Join us at The Battle Buddy Foundation as we work to place a ‘battle buddy’ service dog with the veterans who need them!!!

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